Ada County - Stop Buying Beer For Underage Girls Outside Of Grocery Stores!

Posted by William Young | Mar 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Over the last couple weeks dozens of people have been cited for Distributing Alcohol To A Minor. For those of you that don't know - this is a crime.

These citations have come about due to a series of stings where two high school age girls have stopped people outside of grocery stores or gas stations and asked them to buy beer. The girls - who I suspect are the daughters of some Boise Police Officer - offer the individuals a $20 bill and tell them they can keep the change in exchange for their help. When the unsuspecting individuals come out of the store and provide the beer to the girls they are stopped by the police and cited with a misdemeanor. It is a sting and they have the whole conversation on tape.

Everyone needs to be aware of this sting. The girls are not targeting people who regularly do this or people of a specific age or sex - in fact, from what I have seen, most of the individuals who get caught in this scheme have no criminal history and live productive/law abiding lives. Now, I would suspect that the Boise Police have better things they could be doing than this - like maybe targeting people, bars/restaurants, or stores that continually violate this law or investigating felony level offenses - but they have not yet put me in charge of deciding what is a worthwhile investigation and what is a waste of time (still waiting for the call - fingers crossed).

The key here is: Until people stop falling for this Boise Police will probably continue to run the sting. Don't fall for it! If you are asked to buy beer, say something clever are on camera!

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