Elmore County Criminal Defense

Elmore County Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one are charged with a crime in Elmore County - let me fight for you. I have handled many Elmore County cases - from simple infractions to the most complex felonies. There is no case to small for my attention and no case to large for me to handle. I utilize every ounce of my talent, drive, and passion to fight for my clients.

I am skilled and have experience in all aspects of defending a criminal charge in Elmore County, including investigations, arraignments, bail hearings, motion practice, plea bargaining, trials, sentencing, appeals and probation revocation hearings.

Elmore County Criminal Defense

You Are Not Alone - I Fight For The Rights Of The Accused In Elmore County

Don't attempt to navigate the system on your own. Elmore County takes a strict, even harsh, stance on crime. A criminal charge in Elmore County should not be treated like a DIY weekend project - I am here to help you through every step of the process.

Take A Look At My Client Reviews And Elmore County Case Results- They Speak For Themselves


  • Honesty and Integrity

    I contacted Will Young regarding our son who was placed in jail for probation violations in Idaho. We were scared and needed answers! Will was very helpful, answered all my questions, and immediately found time out of his busy schedule to visit my son in jail. He gave us a no BS assessment of th... Read On

  • Five Stars

    Will is very professional and knowledgeable and highly recommended. He has helped me and my wife on a few Court related issues throughout the last few years. He has always been there when we've needed him. I can't thank him enough for going above and beyond to help me and my wife when we really n... Read On

  • The way you treated me was something I will never forget. THANK YOU WILL.

    I had a consultation with Will a few months ago about the burglary case. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the financial side of things, therefore, was unable to retain your services. I now greatly regret this. Despite this, their were numerous times I contacted you for advice because I had no... Read On

Recent Case Results

  • ANOTHER Big Win For William Young And Associates! State of Idaho v Dustin Cannon Case Type: Felony Possession of A Controlled Substance x 2, Felony Weapons Charge, Felony Introduction of Contraband Into Jail, Misdemeanor Possession of A Controlled Substance, Misdemeanor Possession of Pa... Read On

  • Case Type: Dismissal of Past MisdemeanorJurisdiction: Elmore County We had a great result in Elmore County earlier this week. Our client pled guilty to misdemeanor Domestic Battery almost 13 years ago. Although he had completely turned his life around since this incident, this conviction was hol... Read On

  • In this case, the client attempted to change lanes on the freeway while another car was driving in his blind spot. As he began to enter the other lane, the other car honked and our client swerved back into his lane. Although this is a common driving mistake, the other car called the police and our client was charged with reckless driving... Read On





Free Consultation.

Each case is unique. The strength and weakness of your case will depend the particular facts of your case. Call me for a free consultation. I will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you an honest, straightforward, assessment of your case. If I can not help you, I have connections with some of the best attorneys in town across all areas of practice.

Free Consultation

Each case is unique. The strength and weakness of your case will depend on the particular facts of your case. Contact us for a free consultation. We will answer any questions you have, and give you an honest assessment of your case.

Committed To Every Client

We are committed to providing every client with respect and compassion they deserve; Every case will receive our full attention and passion. We work one-on-one with every client to make sure you get the best defense possible.

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