Idaho Theft Crimes - Modes of Theft

Idaho Modes of Theft

If you have been arrested or charged with a Modes of Theft Crime it is important to understand the charges against you and what your legal rights are. Theft charges can be serious. You should not try to take on the criminal justice system on your own.   

Theft By Extortion

A person obtains property by extortion when he compels or induces another person to deliver such property to himself or to a third person by means of instilling in him a fear that, if the property is not so delivered, the actor or another will cause injury or harm.

Theft By Exercising Unauthorized Control

Theft may be committed by exercising unauthorized control, which occurs when a person knowingly takes or exercises unauthorized control over, or makes an unauthorized transfer of an interest in, the property of another person, with the intent of depriving the owner thereof.

Theft By Obtaining Property By False Promise

A person obtains property by false promise when, pursuant to a scheme to defraud, he obtains property of another by means of a representation, express or implied, that he or a third person will in the future engage in particular conduct, when he:

  1. does not intend to engage in such conduct or
  2. does not believe that the third person intends to engage in such conduct.

Theft By Acquiring Lost Property

A person acquires lost property when he exercises control over property of another which he knows to have been lost or mislaid, or to have been delivered (a) under a mistake as to the identity of the recipient or (b) the nature or amount of the property, without taking reasonable measures to return such property to the owner.  A person also can be charged with committing theft of lost or mislaid property when he:

  1. Knows or learns the identity of the owner or knows, or is aware of, or learns of a reasonable method of identifying the owner; and
  2. Fails to take reasonable measures to restore the property to the owner; and
  3. Intends to deprive the owner permanently of the use or benefit of the property.

Theft Of Labor Or Services

This occurs when:

  1. A person obtains the temporary use of property, labor, or services of another that are available only for hire, by means of threat or deception or knowing that such use is without the consent of the person providing the property, labor, or services.
  2. A person, after renting or leasing a motor vehicle under an agreement in writing which provides for the return of the vehicle to a particular place at a particular time, willfully or intentionally fails to return the vehicle to that place within forty-eight (48) hours after the time specified.
  3. A person, having control over the disposition of services of others, to which he is not entitled, knowingly diverts such services to his own benefit or to the benefit of another not entitled thereto.

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