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Since I was admitted to practice law I joined up with the father-daughter tandem of Chuck Peterson and Courtney Peterson. The three of us, along with our wonderful paralegal Patty Stradley, are the firm of Peterson Lawyers.


Chuck is recognized as one of the top lawyers not only in Idaho but has received numerous national awards for excellence as well. He started his lawyer life in the Army, as a member of the Judge Advocate General's Corps, assigned to the 4th Infantry Division. Since leaving the Army he has been involved in some highly publicized national cases such as the Ruby Ridge case, the Sami Omar Al-Hussayen case, the Zachary Neagle case, and the Fazliddin Kurbanov case (which I fortunate to work with him on). Currently he is co-counsel to Gerry Spence's law firm in the case of a rancher, Jack Yantis, who was needlessly killed by Adams County Sheriff's deputies. Chuck is an amazing mentor and an important source of information that I am constantly drawing upon.

Courtney, Chuck's daughter, is a highly experienced Boise attorney as well. Before joining Peterson Lawyers she was a city prosecutor. This gives her an important perspective from the "dark side" of every case. She is an experience attorney who passionately defends her clients. I am lucky to have her working by my side.

Although all three of us have our own caseloads, we are constantly talking over cases and strategy. There are no two Idaho attorney's I respect more and I always take their opinions under advisement whenever I am working on a case. This is the advantage to hiring any of us. By putting our heads together we can provide our clients with a more comprehensive game plan than any one attorney could on their own.

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