Ms. Rice was charged with Grand Theft after she received a check from Ada County as part of an estate that she was both the beneficiary and the executor. After a 3 day jury trial, the jury concluded that Ms. Rices was not guilty!

This is a case that I worked as part of the defense team. Chuck Peterson was the primary handling attorney and should get most of the credit for the successful outcome; He did a superb job handing this case.

This was a complex case involving estates and potential embezzlement. The check was deposited into an estate account she was handling. It is true that the money did not belong to her or the estate, but Ms. Rice did not commit a crime. The property had been given to her by the Ada County Treasurer's Office as part of the estate and it was reasonable to conclude that the check was part of the estate. A jury heard the State's case and concluded no crime had occurred.