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Idaho Early Release From Probation

Many people on probation feel as if they have proven themselves worthy of early release from probation. If probation is no longer necessary it is a waste of time, money, and energy for everyone involved. Early release from probation is not granted to just anyone but if you meet certain conditions nearly all Idaho courts are willing to reward good behavior. In most cases, the court will only consider early release if:

  1. The probationer has completed at least half of the original probationary period.
  2. The probationer has not violated your probation up to this point.

If you meet these requirements we can file a Motion For Early Release From Probation. With that motion we file a Affidavit In Support outlining the reasons we believe probation should be ended. If it is a felony case, the court will likely require a hearing on the motion. At that hearing we will have another opportunity to make our argument and the court will have the opportunity to ask any questions it deems necessary.

If you would like to discuss early release from probation, give me a call. The process is typically straightforward and cost effective.

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