Driving A Vehicle Without Consent | Joyriding

Idaho Driving A Vehicle Without The Owner's Consent (Joyriding)

Under Idaho Code § 49-227, it is a crime for someone to operate a vehicle without the consent of the owner of that vehicle, if that person does not also own the vehicle, has the intent to temporarily deprive the owner of the vehicle but does not intend to steal the vehicle.

The consent of the owner cannot be presumed or implied based on previous instances where the owner allowed the same or a different person to take or operate the vehicle.

A vehicle can be a boat, airplane, snowmobile, three and four wheel all-terrain-vehicle, hot air balloon, hang glider, jet ski, or motorcycle, or another vehicle defined by I. C. § 49-123, but the definition of vehicle is not limited to this.

Punishment for Driving A Vehicle Without The Owner's Consent

This crime is a misdemeanor unless there is damage to the vehicle which exceeds $1000, there is property taken from the vehicle that exceeds $1000, or the combination of damage and taken property exceeds $1000. If so, then this crime is a felony.

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