Idaho Statutory Rape

Statutory Rape

Idaho sex crime laws are severe. Statutory rape carries the possibility of serious and life-long consequences, including life in prison! You have too much on the line to take on the criminal justice system on your own!

Under Idaho Code §18-6101, statutory rape consists of any penetration where:

  1. the victim is younger than 16 years-old and the defendant is at least 18 years-old, or
  2. where the victim is 16 or 17 years of age and the defendant is at least 3 years older than the victim.

Why Is This Rape?

In Idaho, the "age of consent" is determined by the age of the older partner. In some circumstances it is 16 while in others it is 18. Prior to reaching the age of consent you can not legally consent to a sexual act. Because of this, any sexual contact with someone under the age of consent is by definition without their consent. Sex without consent is rape! Let me just repeat that one more time because it is important, statutory rape... is rape! It should be treated with all the seriousness of any rape case.

The potential punishments for a statutory rape conviction are severe, under Idaho Code §18-6104, statutory rape is punishable by a minimum of 1 year and up to life in prison. Further, a conviction for statutory rape can have long reaching consequences even after release from prison. Work and educational opportunities can become limited or nonexistent. The defendant will also be required to be listed on the sex offender registry, be forbidden to be within 500 feet of a school or day care, and be forbidden to be near children. 

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