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You Are Not Alone. Don't attempt to navigate the system on your own. Idaho takes a strict, even harsh, stance on crime. The law can be complex and filled with red tape. An Idaho criminal charge should not be treated like a DIY weekend project - Let us help you. We have the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through every step of the process.We pride ourselves on being available for our clients. You will always be able to reach us when you have questions or concerns about your case.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, we want to fight for you. It is vital that you secure representation as soon as possible. The system moves quickly against you. Witnesses important to your defense may disappear, their memories may fade, or their stories may change. Witnesses may also be convinced to testify against you rather than on your behalf. If you delay, your case can be lost before you ever hire a lawyer. 

Your Case Is Important

Client satisfaction is our first priority. We are deeply invested in each and every case we take. In essence, your case is our case. In order to ensure that we can give each and every case our full attention and passion, we limit the amount of cases we are willing to take on at any given time. Unlike other lawyers, we focus on providing the highest quality representation to all our clients - even if that means turning away potential profits. With a small caseload, we have the time and the energy to provide the best representation to our clients: Every client, every case, every time.

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Idaho Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you hire a lawyer you trust them with your freedom, your livelihood, your well-being, and your future. We take this responsibility seriously. Every case is unique so we cannot promise you a specific outcome or result, in truth no attorney can make this promise nor see into the future. The only thing we can promise you is that we will work hard. We will work as hard as we can to get you the best possible result.

We are honored to fight for the futures and freedom of our clients. Every case is a fight and every client has something important at stake: we will not back down and we will not be bullied! No case is too big for us to take on. No case is too small to get our full attention. 

We will fight - tooth and nail - to get you the result you deserve.

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Each case is unique. The strength and weakness of your case will depend on the particular facts of your case. We will answer any questions you have, and give you an honest assessment of your case.

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We are committed to providing every client the respect and compassion they deserve. We work one-on-one with every client to make sure they get the best possible defense. Let us help you. Idaho Criminal Defense • Idaho DUI Defense