Idaho Probation Violations

Idaho can be severe when in comes to punishing probation violations. Call us to discuss your case, your options, and the potential outcomes.

Idaho Probation Violation Lawyer

Idaho Probation Violations

If you have been charged with a probation violation you have a lot at risk. The court can choose to impose any jail or prison term that was suspended as part of your original sentence. This can be weeks, months, or years behind bars. Do not just rely on the mercy of the court, you are likely to find very little. Let me fight to protect your rights and keep you out of jail.

Withheld Judgment

If you were originally provided with a Withheld Judgment a probation violation can be devastating. If you admit to the probation violation you are likely to lose your Withheld Judgment and the court can re-sentence you up to the maximum punishment on the underlying case. This will have a larger negative impact on your future than any punishment associated with the probation violation itself. Do not simply roll over and allow this to happen! Let me fight to keep your record and your future intact.

Criminal Record

Similarly, even if you did not receive a Withheld Judgement but planned to try and remove the conviction from your criminal record, a probation violation would be the end of that hope. Under the Idaho Code, you will not qualify to remove a conviction or reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor if admit to a probation violation. In order to have any hope of clearing your record in the future, you need to fight - I would be proud to fight beside you.

For more information on probation violations and their potential consequences see:
Idaho Code §19-2601.
Idaho Code §19-2602.
Idaho Code §19-2603.

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