Idaho Juvenile Court Process

Idaho Juvenile Lawyer

The Juvenile Court Process

If a juvenile is accused of a crime in Idaho there are 3 different avenues the case may proceed down.


If court action is not required, the prosecuting attorney may utilize the diversion process and refer the case directly to the county probation officer or a community-based diversion program for informal probation and counseling.

Informal Adjustment

If the juvenile admits to the allegations contained in the petition, the court may decide to make an informal adjustment of the petition.  Informal adjustment includes, but is not limited to:

(a) Reprimand of the juvenile;
(b) Informal supervision with the probation department;
(c) Community service work;
(d) Restitution to the victim;
(e) Participation in a community-based diversion program.

Formal Adjudication

The court will require the juvenile to personally appear in court and formally answer to the charges that have been filed against him or her.  The juvenile will be required to either admit or deny the charges.  If the juvenile denies the charges, the court will hold an evidentiary hearing to determine the guilt of the juvenile.  A juvenile does not have the right to a jury trial - the trial will be held in front of the judge.

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