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If you have been charged with Robbery, it is important that you understand the charges against you and what your legal rights are. Idaho's theft laws can be complex and severe. You should not try to take on the criminal justice system on your own.

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Idaho Robbery Attorney | Boise Robbery Attorney

Idaho Robbery Charges

In the State of Idaho, you can be arrested and convicted for Robbery if: you take the personal property of another, against their will, through the use or threat of physical force. Under Idaho Code §18-6501 Robbery is a felony and carries severe punishments of a minimum five years and up to life in prison and a maximum of life.

Even after you are released from prison, a conviction can be particularly harmful in terms of gaining future employment, state licensing, and other benefits.The conviction will appear on any background checks and employers tend to pass on applicants with theft records, fearing them to be dishonest and having the potential to steal from their companies.

Robbery is considered a "crime of moral turpitude" and can prevent you from obtaining professional licenses and certifications. This may also prevent you from getting Federal Student Loans for education.

How Is Fear Defined and Proven?

The fear which constitutes robbery may be either:

  1. The fear of an unlawful injury to the person or property of the person robbed, or of any relative of his, or member of his family; or
  2. The fear of an immediate and unlawful injury to the person or property of any one in the company of the person robbed at the time of the robbery.

Fight Your Idaho Robbery Charge

Do not let a Robbery conviction follow you around for the rest of your life! Let me fight to keep you out of prison and keep a theft conviction off your record!

An experienced Idaho theft crimes attorney can fight the charge and keep it off your record. Every theft case is different and I scrutinizes the facts of every case to see if the prosecutor really has enough evidence to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If not, we can challenge the evidence in court, get the case dropped, or win the case at trial. Even if the evidence is overwhelming, we can fight to try and get the charge reduced or limit the punishment to community service and/or probation.

You have too much on the line to fight the system on your own! Protect your rights and your freedom! Call me today for a free consultation!

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