Idaho DUI - Felony DUI | DUI Third Offense

A third Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction in Idaho comes with some very serious penalties and punishments. This is a felony offense and can land the driver in prison for an extended period of time.

Idaho DUI - Felony DUI
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Idaho Felony DUI | Third DUI Offense

In Idaho a third or subsequent DUI conviction is a felony DUI. Felony DUI offenses create more complications than misdemeanor DUI offenses, including stiffer penalties and lifelong problems gaining employment (many employers have policies against hiring felons), obtaining insurance, and exercising some civil liberties.

A felony DUI is a serious matter. The penalties that can result from a conviction can be life changing.

Prison Sentence

Because it's a felony charge, a third DUI conviction can result in a prison sentence. Even if the court chooses not to put you in prison, it is almost guaranteed that the sentence will include an extensive county jail term. The minimum sentence for third-time DUI offenders is 30 days in jail. But, the court reserves the right to impose up to a ten-year prison sentence.

License Suspension

Your driver's license will be suspended for a mandatory minimum of one-year, but depending on the case, suspensions can last up to five years.


The maximum fine for a third DUI conviction is $5,000.

For more information, see: Idaho Code §18-8005 - Penalties.

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