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Canyon County - Client Pleads To Inattentive Driving In Potential DUI Case

June 2019

Case Type: Misd Inattentive Driving 
Jurisdiction: Canyon County
Result: The Client Plead Guilty And The Charge Was Not Amended To DUI

 In this case, the client had taken some medication that had an adverse effect. She was pulled over for erratic driving. Normally, these cases are charged as a DUI under the law and often the client is found guilty. Rarely are these charges ever reduced to a lessor offense. Here, we were able to convince the prosecutor not to charge the client with a DUI and have her plead to Inattentive Driving. The sentence she received involved community service and a safe driving class rather than the far more severe punishment she would have otherwise been subject to as part of a DUI case.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, DUI / DWI

Court: Canyon County

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