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Dismissal in Canyon County

April 2019

Earlier this week I was able to convince a prosecutor in Canyon County to dismiss a theft charge due to a lack of evidence. This is an extremely good result as most of the time prosecutors would rather take a case to trial, and let a jury decide if the evidence is truly lacking, than agree to an outright dismissal. We were fully prepared for this to take place. Instead of going through this often long and painful process (preparing and executing a trial), I was able to lay out my client's case in such a way as to show that there was no possible way that a jury would be convinced by the evidence the prosecutor planned to present - The prosecutor was going to lose.

It is also important to note that the prosecutor should be admired for making a good, rational, and just decision here. He could have stuck his heals in the sand and refused to budge - leading to wasted time, money, and energy for everyone. Criminal charges or convictions can have significant negative consequences on peoples lives. The best prosecutors I know, the ones I respect the most, are the ones that don't let ego or "winning" get in the way of making the correct decision.

Dismissal in Canyon County
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