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ANOTHER Big Win In Ada County

January 2019

ANOTHER Big Win In Ada County

Case Type: Felony L&L (Potentially, Statutory Rape) 
Jurisdiction: Ada County
Result: The Defendant plead guilty to 1 count of Felony Sexual Battery Of A Minor

At sentencing the judge place him on probation. While Sexual Battery is still a very serious offense, this is a good result because it kept my client out of prison. He was 22 and admitted to having sexual contact with a 16 year old. She had lied and told him she was 19 and her Facebook page said she was 19. While it is his responsibility to ensure that she is of age, the judge took this into account at sentencing. If we had failed to get this plea deal worked out this 22 year old could have been facing life in prison. 

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Ada County District Court

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