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Below is a list of case results. This is obviously not comprehensive as the attorneys at our firm have handled hundreds of cases over the years. If you have questions about a specific case, charge, or jurisdiction give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the matter further.

  • State v. C.T. And G.T.

    February 2018

    Long Fought Battle - Justice Finally Served. Read On

  • State v. S.T.

    January 2018

    Case Type: DUI, First. Jurisdiction: Boise County. Result: The charge was reduced from a DUI to Inattentive Driving. The defendant received a sentence of 2 years probation, alcohol education classes, and a interlock device was required to be installed on his car for the period of probation. Th... Read On

  • State v. Hodges

    November 2017

    Case Type: DUI Jurisdiction: Boise County Outcome: Case Dismissed! In a big Boise County win, William Young was able to force the Boise County Prosecutors Office to dismiss the case against Mr. Hodges. Based upon the facts of the case, Mr. Young filed a Motion To Suppress all the evidence in... Read On

  • State v. Green

    November 2017

    Great Result In Boise County. Dismissed 2 Counts Of Misdemeanor Possession Of A Controlled Substance. Read On

  • State v. Criag Bell

    August 2017

    In a big Ada County DUI win, Craig Bell was acquitted of Driving Under The Influence after a one day court trial. Ada County Magistrate Judge Thomas Watkins found that the State had failed to prove that Mr. Bells was impaired by alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances, and acquitted Mr.... Read On

  • State v. C.M.

    December 2017

    Probation violation. Mental Health Court. Read On

  • State v. April Rice

    April 2017

    Ms. Rice was charged with Grand Theft after she received a check from Ada County as part of an estate that she was both the beneficiary and the executor. After a 3 day jury trial, the jury concluded that Ms. Rices was not guilty! This is a case that I worked as part of the defense team. Chuck Pe... Read On

  • State v. J.R.

    Charged with Battery, Destruction of Property.  Pushed the state into dropping Count II not filing the additional charges. Read On

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