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State v. Hodges

November 2017

Case Type: DUI.
Jurisdiction: Boise County.
Outcome: Case Dismissed!

In a big Boise County win, William Young was able to force the Boise County Prosecutor's Office to dismiss the case against Mr. Hodges.

Based upon the facts of the case, Mr. Young filed a Motion To Suppress all the evidence in the case based upon law enforcement's illegal and unjustified stop of Mr. Hodges vehicle. After reviewing the brief in support of the motion, the facts of the case, and the oral arguments made at a hearing, the Court agreed with Mr. Young and suppressed all the evidence obtained as a result of the stop. Without any evidence to support the charge, the Boise County Prosecutor's Office dismissed the case against Mr. Hodges.

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

Court: Boise County

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